Interesting Facts

more than 60 years. Partner relationships with some enterprises have been continuing for more than 60 years.

More Interesting Facts


Nowadays, Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant has all the necessary capacities for production of high quality mining equipment. The plant features:

  • casting workshop producing cast iron, steel and base metals
  • forging and thermic workshop
  • steel construction workshop
  • roller producing workshop
  • gear units workshop
  • workshop of electric locomotives and loaders
  • workshop of belt conveyors

To provide the production facilities with production accessories, instruments, spare parts and equipment repair capacity, technological equipment production and repair of the plant constructions capacity, the plant facilities include:

  • instrumental workshop
  • repair and mechanical workshop
  • electrical repair workshop
  • repair and building site

Owing to the long-time business co-operation, our abilities to respond flexibly and timely to coming requirements of the customers, co-operation with science and technology, we are ready to produce equipment for mines and pits on the modern global level, as well as to provide services for all range of our products.