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AMZ - running since 1802 Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant is one of the oldest plants in Ural starting its history since 1802.

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Oktyabrskaya Mine, JSC

During the period of operation at our enterprise the belt conveyors produced by Alexandrovsk Machine Building Plant (AMZ) series 1L120, 3L120B, and 2LT80 have shown no failures of mechanisms and design defects. «Dolgov» linear conveyor flight is simple in mounting, convenient in adjustment, and easy in operation. 90% lifetime of the flight is at least 5 years. 90% lifetime of idler rollers with diameter 127 mm at belt speed rate of 2.5 m/s is at least 8000 hours, with diameter 159 mm — 9000 hours.

L. E. Astafyev
Director Oktyabrskaya Mine, JSC

Mine Komsomolets, JSC

At Komsomolets Mine the park of the belt conveyors for 80% consists of the machines produced by Alexandrovsk Machine Building Plant. There are machines being in operation for about 20 years. For all the period the conveyors produced by Alexandrovsk Machine Building Plant approved themselves as reliable and convenient in mounting and operation mechanisms.

S. R. Igberding

Krasnoyarskaya Mine, JSC

No design defects have been revealed in course of operation of the conveyors with belt width 800, 100, 1200 mm, namely 1L120, 2LTPP80U, 3L120B, 2L120, and 2LT1000A produced by Alexandrovsk Machine Building Plant (AMZ). The minimal conveyor flight lifetime is as much as 10 years. 90% of the lifetimes of idler rollers with diameter 127 mm at belt speed rate of 2.5 m/s is at least 8000 hours, with diameter 159 mm — 9000 hours.

N.V. Zankin
Director of Krasnoyarskaya Mine, JSC

SUEK-Kuzbass, JSC, Polysayevskaya Mine

Polysayevskaya Mine has been operating the conveyors produced by Alexandrovsk Machine Building Plant since 1982. The lifetime of some machines exceeds 20 years. Currently, there are 12 conveyors with belt width от 650 to 1200 mm in operation. The maximum length of the main conveyor is 1500 m, the maximum length of the road conveyor reaching 2500 m. During the warranty operation period there were no failures of the major units. The failure rate of the conveyors in after-warranty period is minimal.

R. T. Khayliulin
Chief Mechanic

Severny Kuzbass, JSC, Pervomayskaya Mine

The belt conveyors by Alexandrovsk Machine Building Plant have been in operation at the Pervomayskaya mine since 2003. At the moment there are 7 conveyors produced by Alexandrovsk Machine Building Plant in work:

  • with belt width of 800 mm — one conveyor
  • with belt width of 1000 mm — four conveyors
  • with belt width of 1200 mm — two conveyors

During the operation period at our enterprise the belt conveyors by Alexandrovsk Machine Building Plant showed themselves to the best advantage. The conveyors are produced in accordance with all the requirements of the regulatory and technical documentation.

Compact assembly, simplicity of mounting and demounting, high technical performance, longevity and reliability in work and a competitive price are the main advantages of the equipment. Spur-gear speed gearboxes with Novikov gearing have long lifetime (operating since 2003 up to this time) and design simplicity allowing the repair using own resources.

Various construction designs of power-drive station, linear sections, pulleys, variety of the ways of lining-up of driving drums enable choosing the conveyor for specific operating conditions. The experienced plant designers and other specialists always find solutions for the challenges set by the customers.

Operation and technical documentation cover in full the technical maintenance required for long and efficient operation of the belt conveyor. Any additional elements or spare parts are supplied at short notice of the customer. The Pervomayskaya Mine is planning further equipment with the belt conveyors by Alexandrovsk Machine Building Plant.

V. N. Dranishnikov
Chief Mechanic

Raspadskaya, JSC

There are some belt conveyors manufactured by Alexandrovsk Machine Building Plant at Raspadskaya with maximum production capacity up to 2000 tons/hour and rated capacity up to 2000 KW. The operating period of some of them exceeds 30 years.

During the operating period the conveyors approved themselves as reliable, convenient in operation mechanisms. In case of any questions connected with replacement of the aggregates come out of action due to the end of their lifetime Alexandrovsk Machine Building Plant and the service center Alexandrovsk Conveyor Service react on time and without delays. The conveyors and separate parts are manufactured after agreement with the customer on time.

In 2008, Alexandrovsk Machine Building Plant supplied bremsberg conveyor 3LB120 length of 1300 m, installation angle ‘-9’ degrees, capacity of 1200 tons/hour, with rated capacity of 630 KW with frequency regulation of the belt speed. This conveyor is equipped by the plant with frequency converter by BARTEC, disc and park brake by EMG. The conveyor has been launched in operation and is currently functioning with no claims registered.

We consider Alexandrovsk Machine Building Plant reliable and responsible partner having a sound background in production of complex machines intended for operation in heavy conditions.

G. G. Bekker
Deputy Director for Production of Raspadskaya, JSC

ArcelorMittal Temirtau, JSC, Сoal Department

The Сoal Department is glad to inform that based on the operating background of the belt conveyors types 1LT80 and 2LT80 supplied от 2000 through 2008, Alexandrovsk Machine Building Plant proves itself the most preferred supplier of the conveyor transport, its products having shown themselves as reliable and conforming to the operating and technical requirements.

D. G. Mukhamedzhanov
Coal Department Director

Silvinit, JSC

The supplies of equipment from Alexandrovsk plant to our enterprise commenced in the 60-s of the 20th century. The continuous supplies resulted in the following situation: 97 per cent of the underground conveyor transport of our pits bear the brand of Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant. The range of the conveyor types supplied is quite wide: with belt width от 800 mm to 1400 mm. And the largest share belongs to the conveyors operated in underground conditions with belt width of 1000 mm and length of 600 m and with belt width 1200 mm and the length of 1000 m. Some of the conveyors have in continuous operation for over two decades.

The conveyors for waste transportation over surface to salt dumps are also in operation. The equipment produced by Alexandrovsk Plant has approved itself as highly reliable, with easy mounting and operation. The machines stand the presumed lifetime. The conveyors are produced subject to site conditions and requirements of the product engineers.

The plant specialists are in close contact with the mechanics of our enterprise, constantly inspecting the mines, implementing new solutions, participating in testing of the equipment together with the mechanical and energetic service of Silvinit. Permits for use and certificates of conformance are provided with the machines. The supply of conveyors as well as the spare part supply is performed in full and within the stipulated time.

A. P. Nikulin
Chief Mechanic

Uralkali, JSC

For many years Uralkali has been in co-operation with Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant regarding the supplies of belt conveyors. Currently, Uralkali operates about 240 conveyors with belt width от 650 to 1600 mm, different length от 10 m to 1500 m. The conveyors are designed and manufactured following all customer’s demands and operation conditions.

The conveyors are widely used in underground conditions, on surface (in galleries and salt heaps). We still have in operation the belt conveyors supplied for Uralkali over 30 years ago.

During the whole period the belt conveyors produced by Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant approved themselves as reliable, convenient in mounting and operation machines. The operating experience of this equipment has shown its high reliability, failure-free, high production efficiency and the established lifetime. All these products of Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant have relevant permits and certificates. With annual development of the investment projects and making up of prospective development planning for the enterprise we prefer the conveyors produced by Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant.

The subsequent spare part supply for belt conveyors is done within short time and in the required volume. The potash mines are inspected by the specialists of Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant at least once a month. Every year technical meetings are held with the participation of the technical specialists of Uralkali and Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant summarizing annual results and setting new challenges for the coming year.

O.v. Malyshev
Chief Mechanic of Uralkali, JSC

SUEK-Kuzbass, JSC

The belt conveyors produced by Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant have been operated at 10 enterprises of SUEK-Kuzbass since 1983 and until this moment with loads от two up to five million a year.

For the period of operation at SUEK-Kuzbass the products of Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant approved themselves as reliable and efficient equipment. The lifetime of the hauling blocks of the conveyors series 2LU120 and 1L120 exceeded 80 000 hours. The reliability level of the spur-gear speed gearboxes proved them to be an easy and reliable mechanism in maintenance and in repair. With regard to decreasing the dimensions the plant successfully integrates of hauling blocks with imported gearboxes of FLENDER type and with VOITH and FLENDER hydraulic couplings with delayed fill chambers, which improves start-up of the conveyor with 1500 m and higher length.

Among a wide range of belt conveyor suppliers for the enterprises of SUEK-Kuzbass, Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant is the most promising in the modernization of the conveyor transport for the 2009–2014 period.

P. L. Avelchuk
Deputy Chief Mechanic SUEK-Kuzbass, JSC