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nonstandard equipment The specialists of the plant are ready to produce any nonstandard equipment under the customer requirements.

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V-type belt holding device for the conveyor

In summer 2011, Alardinskaya Mine addressed the plant with a request for assistance. A 1400mm wide belt inclined type conveyor of European manufacture was delivered to the mine. Safety standards of the Russian Federation provide that conveyors of such type must have additional safety features, but European safety standards do not contain such a requirement. At Coal of Russia and Mining exhibition in June 2011, a tripartite meeting was arranged (for engineering specialists of AMZ, mechanical engineers of Alardinskaya Mine, and representatives of the European conveyor manufacturer), where an agreement was reached concerning the delivery of a  V-type belt holding device for the conveyor to Alardinskaya Mine. In January 2012, the equipment was tested in factory environment and sent to the customer.

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