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The production of Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant The production of Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant is based on the belt conveyors.

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Overhead wire locomotive K-14A

The plant’s Design Department has started developing K-14A overhead wire locomotive that includes controlled electric drive with alternating current induction motors. Evrazruda OAO is the customer.


The overhead wire locomotive with an induction motor provides the following advantages:


- up to 65% power saving due to absence of starting resistances in electric motor power circuits and due to power recovery to the overhead wiring at breaking;



-the cost of the induction motor compared to a direct current motor of the same output is 2-4 times less;


-operation costs for electric motors maintenance have been reduced, as the electric motor design does not include brush assemblies;

-speed controller does not include bearing elements or chains, so its maintenance is not needed;


- break-path length has been reduced significantly and acceleration dynamics has been enhanced due to implementation of anti-skidding and anti-towing;


-capability to couple electric locomotives is available;

-possibility of inductive motor drive operation in a wide range of voltage fluctuation within the overhead wiring (120…380V) is provided for;

- starting from roll back is possible;


-secure breakaway irrespective of obstacles and the train weight at any controller notch;


-developed self-diagnosing and testing system enables to extend time between overhauls;


-now a possibility is available that permits to add any additional equipment to the external data bus;


-time between overhauls has increased considerably (3-4 times);


- radio control over the electric locomotive is available for loading and unloading operation.

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