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AMZ - running since 1802 Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant is one of the oldest plants in Ural starting its history since 1802.

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210 years of breakthrough

Owing to this major Сompany, the city goes on living, the products of the machine building plant are wanted in Russia as well as overseas; equipment under AMZ trademark is operated in the coal mining industry as well as in other industries, such as gold-mining, cement, and potash industries. Every year, new products designed by AMZ professionals gain awards at international fairs.



Opening the ceremony, General Director Gagik Megrabyan said, “The two centuries in the Company’s history is a praiseworthy example of labor merit and honor! AMZ of today has the sound ground to be proud of its history and its traditions. We have plenty of challenges ahead to sustain and further advance our Сompany for compiance with international standards. I would like to congratulate and express gratitude to all engineer professionals of our Company. Thank for your dedicated years, meritorious and dignified service to the profession. I wish you all health, happiness and family well-being!”


On the plant’s anniversary, special attention was paid to those who through their diligence assured top quality and reliability of the products. The plant’s workers were awarded with certificates of appreciation as well as with valuable gifts from the Company.

Representatives of two plant dynasties, who had been working with the plant almost since the very start of its history, received letters of appreciation.


That evening congratulations to the Company were received from its partners including representatives of Russian coal mining industry leaders with a long partnership background with AMZ.


Today, it may safely be said that AMZ is a well-balanced forward-going Company, that proved it to be an honest, committed, and fair partner, whose products embodying the plant’s and process technology experience meet worldwide standards in full and have the edge.

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