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AMZ - running since 1802 Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant is one of the oldest plants in Ural starting its history since 1802.

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Happy Miner’s Day!

At all times, people havehighly esteemed those, who dedicated their lives to hard work in mines, where knowledge, experience, as well as courage, team spirit, stamina, and devotion to professional occupation are required. Mining the black gold for the country has always been  a share of strong people. Miners represent a symbol of dignity, courage, and honor of labor. There are no appropriate words to be used to evaluate the importance of heroic labor deeds of lots of miners’ generations.


Each year, the coal mining industry is developing, growing, and offer actual challenges. The miners have managed to maintain their high qualification and rich production experience. The potential that is available today and new investment make it possible to go ahead rapidly. This is especially important now, that the interest in the coal miming industry is growing again all over the world.  Your products are wanted in various industries and represent important constituent of the country’s economy.


So, on the occasion of this Miner’s Day we wish you all happiness, well-being, family warmth and love, professional achievements, and safe work.

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