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more than 60 years. Partner relationships with some enterprises have been continuing for more than 60 years.

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Double-Ended-Electric Locomotive 2K14M

JSC Aleksandrovsk Machine Building Plant (AMZ) won a tender to manufacture 2K14M double-ended electric locomotive for one of the companies in Novokuznetsk. The electric locomotive consists of two 14 ton sections. Compared to an electric locomotive consisting of one 28 ton section, the two-section electric locomotives have a number of advantages. First, the width of the electric locomotives and their height at the cab roof allow them to pass through rotary dumpers. Second, such electric locomotives fit better in the drift size and are capable of passing through curved parts of the railways of reduced radius.  In addition to that, manufacture of such an electric locomotive will definitely cost less, thus reducing its price. Frames, drives, drive motors, and many other parts and components will be fully compatible with those used for K14M electric locomotive.

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