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Compact assembly Compact assembly, mounting simplicity, longevity and reliability in exploitation are the main advantages of our equipment.

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Trailing Cable Trolley Locomotive K14U-01

To the order of Kyshtym Copper-Electrolytic Plant, JSC,  AMZ has manufactured Trailing Cable Trolley Locomotive K14U-01 designed for transportation of raw materials and finished products within the factory premises.

The locomotive is designed for 24-hour operation outdoors at ambient temperature ranging from 30° С above zero to 40° С below zero.
The overhead system is linked to each workshop; the overhead contact wire suspension is located 3-4.5 m above the rail top.

The locomotive design features allow it to enter the workshops. In such case, the power is supplied to the motors via the cable, which is unreeled from and reeled on the drum located on the locomotive frame.

The Trailing Cable Trolley Locomotive K14U-01 was designed based on K14M Electric Locomotive. The differences are as follows:

  • the locomotive has a platform  to mount the power driven drum to reel the cable, the process is controlled from the locomotive cab;
  • for more convenience at the locomotive driver’s working place, the height of the cab was added;
  • a new design of the power collector was implemented in the locomotive, that allows a wider range of use in terms of height.  The power collector is located on top of the cab.


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