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Overhead Wire Locomotive К14Ма

Our Plant has designed, tested on site and despatched Overhead Wire Locomotive К14Ма with a variable-speed drive with AC asynchronous motors.

Customer - OJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel.

Overhead wire locomotive with asynchronous motor has the following benefits:

  •  power saving up to 65% due to lack of starting resistance in the electric motor circuit breakers and energy regeneration in the braking system of overhead trolleys;
  •  an asynchronous motor is twice or even four times as cheap as a DC motor of same capacity;
  •  lower maintenance expenses on electric motors, due to absence of brush assembly;
  •  track controller does not have any load bearing members or circuits, therefore it does not demand frequent maintenance;
  •  length of brake path is significantly shorter and acceleration motion is higher, thanks to implementation of anti-skidding and anti-towing systems;
  •  possible pairing of locomotives;
  •  possible operation of an asynchronous drive within extremely wide range of voltage variation in the overhead wiring (120…380V);
  •  recoil starting;
  •  reliable starting from standstill , despite obstacles or weight of load , at any running notch;
  •  advanced systems of self-diagnostics and testing allow the locomotive to reduce its overhaul operation time;
  •  it became possible to connect accessory equipment to the external data bus;
  •  overhaul operation time is significantly extended (3-4 times longer);
  •  loading/unloading radio control (optional).

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