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AMZ - running since 1802 Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant is one of the oldest plants in Ural starting its history since 1802.

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Alexandrovsk Machine Building Plant wins a tender in Yakutia

JSC AMZ has won the contract with Kolmar, a coal producer from the Republic of Sakha, Yakutia, for the supply of two 1400mm wide and 1400&1600m long conveyors.

The conveyors are designed to be used in the Dezhnevskaya shaft under construction, with a number of certain engineering solutions to be applied:

  •  both conveyors will use a common automation system, where the 1600mt stationary conveyor has an intermediate drive;
  •  and the 1400m telescopic conveyor applies 100m tension carriage movement.

One of the main functions of the automation system is regulated belt speed on the basis of frequency transformers, depending on the conveyor load

  •  high voltage variable frequency drives will be installed beyond the explosion hazardous zone, in the microclimate box several hundred metres  away from the motors;
  •  motor driven groups of conveyors are assembled on the basis of imported double-reduction right-angle reduction gear units and high voltage electric motors 6000V, with the total capacity of the two conveyors drive units of 3500kW;
  •  repairable assembly of the drive pulleys;
  •  upper idlers of the conveyor flight have reduced impact on the belt with reinforced roller brackets, to exclude longitudinal cuts of the belt at failures;
  •  conveyor flight has rigid structure to ensure high efficiency (3200 t/h) and high belt speed (3,5 m/sec) during conveyor operation;
  •  the conveyors are designed to serve the full life period (20 years);
  •  optional accessories: e.g. laser wand system for actuator shafts; upper roller replacement kit with a load.

The conveyors shall be dispatched by the end of year 2013.

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