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more than 60 years. Partner relationships with some enterprises have been continuing for more than 60 years.

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Steel structures epoxy primer coating

Alexandrovsk Machinery Plant became the first among conveyor producers to apply epoxy primer coating on structural steel for OJSC Uralkali. AMZ implements painting technology using Temabond primary paints. The implementation was initiated by Uralkali OJSC, one of AMZ customers.

At present AMZ workshop performs paint works at a conveyor line with belt W=1200mm, L= 367 metres  long for the Mine-2 ground complex. Two painting technologies are utilized for either ground (paint thickness =250 micron) or shaft type underground conveyors (paint thickness = 180 micron). Coating shall be applied with high pressure airless sprayers.

The advantage of Temabond paints is that it has good abrasion and chemical resistance. Coating durability> 10 years.

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