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Compact assembly Compact assembly, mounting simplicity, longevity and reliability in exploitation are the main advantages of our equipment.

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1 March 2013

Trailing Cable Trolley Locomotive K14U-01

To the order of Kyshtym Copper-Electrolytic Plant, JSC, AMZ has manufactured Trailing Cable Trolley Locomotive K14U-01 designed for transportation of raw materials and finished products within the factory premises

13 February 2013

Drum Marking

In the process of operation, there is a need for identification of belt conveyor drums of AMZ manufacture.

29 January 2013

Consumer Warning - Counterfeit Products!

We regret to inform you of the increase in the sale of non-original parts under the brand of Aleksandrovsk Machine-Building Plant, JSC (AMZ).

21 December 2012

A Visit to the Plant

On 19 December, the Governor of Permsky Kray, Viktor Basargin, visited JSC Aleksandrovsk Machine Building Plant (AMZ).

17 December 2012

Double-Ended-Electric Locomotive 2K14M

JSC Aleksandrovsk Machine Building Plant (AMZ) won a tender to manufacture 2K14M double-ended electric locomotive for one of the companies in Novokuznetsk.

28 November 2012

Tension Trolley with a Hydraulic Tilting Unit

A mine belt conveyor (1200 mm wide belt) was delivered to Alardinskaya mine; the conveyor included a tension trolley with a hydraulic tilting unit.

8 November 2012

To the Kind Attention of the Customers Ordering Apron Feeders!

All new quotations for apron feeders include driving group frame.

27 October 2012

Certificate of Conformity for Overhead Wire Locomotives

JSC Aleksandrovsk Machine Building Plant (AMZ) received GOST R Conformity Certificate No.РОСС RU.МШ04.Н00330 valid from 28.10.2012 through 27.10.2015.

24 October 2012

DoALL Band- Sawing Machine

Doall semiautomatic band-sawing machine was stared up in one of the blank production shops of the plant.

28 September 2012

Happy Machine Building Day!

Dear professionals and veterans of the machine building industry! May we take this opportunity to congratulate you on this professional holiday!

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