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Integration of driving units Integration of driving units is possible either with gear units and hydraulic couplings produced by Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant or by foreign manufacturers.

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News for 2011 year

31 July 2011

AMZ celebrated its 209th anniversary

This year, Aleksandrovsk Machine Building Plant celebrated its 209th anniversary.

13 June 2011

AMZ participated in Coal of Russia and Mining 2011

Participation of AMZ brought out two diplomas in the ‘Best Exhibit’ category for the snub pulley of forced construction and for the tension pulling hoist with increased speed of rope reeling.

3 June 2011

The level of orders has doubled

The amount of mining equipment sold by AMZ during the four months of 2011 has nearly doubles as compared to the same period of the previous year. The level of orders has significantly increased as part of strategic partnerships aimed at long-term co-operation. A number of new contracts for equipment supply to the enterprises of Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries have been signed.

20 May 2011

5 555 K10 Electric Locomotives

In 1972, the first prototype sample of К10 overhead wire locomotive was produced. Since 1973, this model has been produced in series. The electric locomotive of this type turned out to be successful to the extent that required no need in further modifications and engineering change. In May 2011, the 5555th electrical locomotive was produced. К10 is the most numerous model produced by the Company.

20 May 2011

Welcome to Coal of Russia and Mining 2011 Exhibition!

Aleksandrovsk Machine Building Plant will for the 18th time participate in the Coal of Russia and Mining exhibition in Novokuznetsk. Visit us at out showroom 1.С13 in the first pavilion.

12 May 2011

AMZ participated in the ARMINERA 2011 exhibition

From May 04 to May 06, 2011 the ARMINERA 2011 exhibition dedicated to mining was held in Buenos-Aires. Aleksandrovsk Machine Building Plant presented its products for the first time in this country.

4 April 2011

Aleksandrovsk Machine Building Plant (AMZ) launched production of cars intended for transportation of explosive materials

JSC Aleksandrovsk Machine Building Plant (AMZ) against the order of JSC EVRAZ Vysokogorsky Mining and Processing Complex has launched production of cars intended for transportation of explosive materials. The first car has already been in operation at Magnetitovaya mine. Another six cars are coming into operation soon.

26 January 2011

AMZ produced a new explosive-proof car

The production safety enhancement program at Vysokogorsky Mining and Processing Complex (JSC VGOK, Evraz holding) enabled production of the first newly constructed car intended for transportation of explosives in underground mines has been received.