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nonstandard equipment The specialists of the plant are ready to produce any nonstandard equipment under the customer requirements.

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News for 2012 year

21 December 2012

A Visit to the Plant

On 19 December, the Governor of Permsky Kray, Viktor Basargin, visited JSC Aleksandrovsk Machine Building Plant (AMZ).

17 December 2012

Double-Ended-Electric Locomotive 2K14M

JSC Aleksandrovsk Machine Building Plant (AMZ) won a tender to manufacture 2K14M double-ended electric locomotive for one of the companies in Novokuznetsk.

28 November 2012

Tension Trolley with a Hydraulic Tilting Unit

A mine belt conveyor (1200 mm wide belt) was delivered to Alardinskaya mine; the conveyor included a tension trolley with a hydraulic tilting unit.

8 November 2012

To the Kind Attention of the Customers Ordering Apron Feeders!

All new quotations for apron feeders include driving group frame.

27 October 2012

Certificate of Conformity for Overhead Wire Locomotives

JSC Aleksandrovsk Machine Building Plant (AMZ) received GOST R Conformity Certificate No.РОСС RU.МШ04.Н00330 valid from 28.10.2012 through 27.10.2015.

24 October 2012

DoALL Band- Sawing Machine

Doall semiautomatic band-sawing machine was stared up in one of the blank production shops of the plant.

28 September 2012

Happy Machine Building Day!

Dear professionals and veterans of the machine building industry! May we take this opportunity to congratulate you on this professional holiday!

24 August 2012

Happy Miner’s Day!

So, on the occasion of this Miner’s Day we wish you all happiness, well-being, family warmth and love, professional achievements, and safe work.

20 August 2012

To the attention of customers who order belt conveyors

Please be notified, that in 2011-2012 our Company carried out works in adaption of TU 3143-065-00165563-2006 for KL Type Mine Belt Conveyors

28 July 2012

210 years of breakthrough

Owing to this major Сompany, the city goes on living, the products of the machine building plant are wanted in Russia as well as overseas; equipment under AMZ trademark is operated in the coal mining industry as well as in other industries, such as gold-mining, cement, and potash industries.

20 June 2012

Results of Coal of Russia and Mining 2012

AMZ promotional booth was awarded a certificate for distinctiveness; the booth was designed specially on the occasion of 210-year anniversary of the machine building plant.

16 April 2012

Invitation to the exhibition

We invite you to visit our booth 1F3 at XIX International exhibition dedicated to mining: Coal of Russia and Mining

2 March 2012

Laser system

A new laser system of German manufacture was delivered to the plant for shaft alignment.

14 February 2012

Overhead wire locomotive K-14A

The plant’s Design Department has started developing K-14A overhead wire locomotive that includes controlled electric drive with alternating current induction motors.

13 February 2012

New machine in operation

On February 3, in the workshop No.5 a new machine was assembled and started-up: four-roll sheet bending machine DAVI MCB.

6 February 2012

V-type belt holding device for the conveyor

In summer 2011, Alardinskaya Mine addressed the plant with a request for assistance. A 1400mm wide belt inclined type conveyor of European manufacture was delivered to the mine.

6 February 2012

A unique order in progress

The disk feeder is designed for wood chips feeding at pulp and paper and woodworking plants.

30 January 2012

AMZ delivered a new conveyor

In January 2012, the plant delivered a 930 meter long 2LB120M belt conveyor to Romanovskaya Mine.