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Integration of driving units Integration of driving units is possible either with gear units and hydraulic couplings produced by Alexandrovsk Machine-Building Plant or by foreign manufacturers.

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Belt conveyors

The belt conveyors are designed for transportation of bulk materials (gravel, road metal, slag, ash, limestone, coal, etc.) with fineness not exceeding 65 mm. Under the requirements of the customer the construction of the conveyor may be developed in accordance with the specific conditions of operation.

Apron feeders

Apron feeders are intended for even feeding of bulk materials with density not exceeding 2.4 tons/cub.m, with lumpiness not exceeding 0.5 of the belt width and with mass of lump not exceeding 500 kg in working machines or for transportation devices; may be installed horizontally as well as with inclination to horizon up to 15°.

Rock loaders

Rock loaders are intended for loading of the rock separated от the solid into the means of transportation when making direct inclined slopes от top downward down dip with inclination angle not exceeding 180.

Mine trolley locomotives

Mine trolley locomotives are Designed for transportation of trains in underground slopes of mines and pits with inclination up to 0.005 and bending radius of railways at least 12 (18) meters

Mine diesel locomotives

Diesel locomotives are Designed for transportation of the rolling stock, cars, platforms and other moving units in underground conditions, as well as on the surface of coal and ore mines


Mine and cargo cars with dumb vessel are designed for transportation of rock mass in underground slopes and on industrial sites of pits and coal mines


The company produces worm and spur-gear speed gearboxes

Build-up and repair of wheelpairs

We offer the following services: build-up of wheelpairs of cargo cars; repair of wheelpairs of cargo cars with replacement of elements; full and general inspection of wheelpairs (full and intermediate revision of the axle box) of cargo cars; turning of wheelpairs of cargo cars with rail gage of 1520 mm; restoration of bearing and guide surfaces of the axle box housing

Plate Feeders

Plate Feeders are designed for pulp and paper industry and wood processing industry to feed wood chips of 0.45 ton/m3 maximum density and 30-60% relative moisture 30-60% from a hopper to conveying units.

Anchoring shore KAS1

Expansion Anchor Support is designed for support of excavations drifted in 2-4 Protodyakonov hardness laminated salt rocks; in such case the supporting strength of the anchor can reach 50 kN (5 tons). The diameter of the hole for the anchor support shall be within 41-43 mm.