Apron feeders, belt width 1500 mm

The apron feeders are intended for even feeding of bulk materials with density not exceeding 2.4 tons/cub.m, with lumpiness not exceeding 0.5 of the belt width and with mass of lump not exceeding 500 kg in working machines or to transport mechanisms; may be installed horizontally as well as with inclination to horizon up to 15°.

Apron feeder is an endless multiple-strand chain leaning on the upper and bottom pulleys, mounted in bearings on frame.

The feeders are intended for work in microclimatic conditions with moderate climate (version U) or dry or wet tropical climate (version T) with location category 3 according to GOST 15150–69. Apron feeder consists of the following units: welded frame, feeding element — the belt of the feeder, upper and bottom bearing of pulleys, drive (gearbox TS-1450, electric motor, slow-speed (tooth) and high-speed (petal) couplings, drive shaft with sprockets, tension shaft with plain rollers and screw tension device, and covers.

The feeders are made as short pallet conveyors. The feeders are driven by four-speed AC electric motors in blow over version providing stepped adjustment of the movement speed of the belt of the feeder and respectively its production capacity.

Apron feeders with belt width 1500 mm are intended for even feeding of bulk materials with lump fineness not exceeding 750 mm.


Model Capacity, cub.m/hour Belt speed, m/sec Distance between axes drums, mm
2-15-30 270/400/540/800 0.08, 0.12, 0.16, 0.25 3000
2-15-45 4500
2-15-60 6000
2-15-90 9000
2-15-120 12000
Model Motor output, KW Operation weight, kg Overall dimensions, mm
2-15-30 15/25/30/36 17560 4730 (5542)х4795х1592
2-15-45 21800 6230 (7042)х4795х1592
2-15-60 25276 7730(8542)х4795х1592
2-15-90 32517 10730 (11542)х4795х1592
2-15-120 39693 13730 (14542)х4795х1592


Apron feeders catalogue(pdf, 223.1 Kb)

Apron feeders order form(pdf, 233.5 Kb)