Conveyor spare parts and components

Conveyor linear sections

Aleksandrovsk Machine Building Plant offers a wide range of flights for all types of conveyors. Conveyor linear sections include main, site, stationary, quick-detachable, hard floor-type or suspended-type sections; the section features element of the middle part (flight) of the conveyor designed as a frame construction intended for supporting and directing of the upper and lower runs of the belt. It consists of carrying rollers, supports, rollers, channel sections and bolts for attaching carrying rollers to channel sections.


Driving drums, snub pulleys (drums), tension drums, remote drums, domed drums


A roller consists of a tube with canted barrels in its ends, wherein the bearings sealed with labyrinth bushes are located. The barrels may be cast or pressed to shape.

Carrying rollers

Alexandrovsk Machine Building Plant produces a wide range of carrying rollers for all range of the conveyor flights: for different roller diameters, for different belt width, different versions.

Centering carrying rollers

Centering carrying roller is intended for centering of the belt towards the conveyor axis and for prevention of the belt derailment. Centering is performed by turning of the carrying rollers for 2–3 degrees in case of belt derailment.

Hydraulic couplings

Start and safety hydraulic coupling (GPP) is intended for transmission of the rolling torque from the electric motor to the gear system in the belt conveyor drives.


Tensioner trolley is a welded frame whereon a tension drum is mounted.


Mine hoists are intended for declining and lifting of equipment, materials and cargoes at certain angle of decline of the coal mine roadways of gaseous and dusty mines, as well as for tension of the conveyor belt.


Conveyor drive is intended for transmission of the rolling torque from the electric motor through fast-speed coupling (hydraulic coupling) to the gear system, through low-speed coupling to the driving drum shaft.

Conveyor belt holding devices

Safety casing is intended for intercepting and holding of the carrying run in case of its disconnection at the conveyors installed with the decline angle exceeding 10 degrees and is mounted on the conveyor linear section.


Tension station is intended for creation of tension of the belt and provision of control over the tension force, decrease of the belt load when starting up and smoothing when stopping the conveyor.


The loader is intended for accepting, forming and directing of the transported material flow to the conveyor belt without its spillage to the sole.


The unloader section is intended for unloading of the transported material.

Conveyor telescopic supports

Conveyor telescopic supports are intended for smooth transfer of the belt runs in transition sections.

Drive stations

Drive station of the conveyor is intended for transmission of the pulling force to the belt.

Conveyor end section

Conveyor end section includes frame, snub pulley, scraper for belt cleaning, fencings, channel sections, carrying rollers, and rollers.

Walkover section

Walkover section is intended for provision of smooth transfer of the belt either from the middle part of the conveyor to the drive station and unloader section or from the tensioner to the linear section.

Conveyor walkover

Conveyor walkover is intended for walking of the service personnel over the conveyor flight.

Equipment for transportation of people

Equipment for transportation of people is intended for transportation of people only on the carrying run of the conveyor in the direction of the flight.