Conveyor drive is intended for transmission of the rolling torque from the electric motor through fast-speed coupling (hydraulic coupling) to the gear system, through low-speed coupling to the driving drum shaft. It may be integrated with break, components of Russian or foreign production.

Conveyor drive consists of double-reduction right-angle reduction gear unit, electric motor (of flange version), elastic coupling with brake disc, break and flange coupling. The drive is installed on the support.

Intermediate drive of drum type is located along the conveyor track and serves for:

  • Increasing of the conveyor slip length
  • maximum tension of the conveyor belt;
  • alleviation of the conveyor start-up.

Application of the intermediate drive allows:

  • to decrease dynamic loads on the belt due to a smoother start-up;
  • to decrease labor expenses and loss of use of working faces connected with conveyor demounting due to application of one conveyor for the entire length of the roadway.

The intermediate drive includes drive section, two drive blocks, loader, intermediate section, support, casings, carrying rollers with rollers.