Driving drums

Driving drums put in motion the conveyor belt under the action of the drive. The working surface of the drum is lined up for the most effective coupling with the belt. The main types of lining-up are: dismountable rubber (bolt or tongue and groove arrangement), glued rubber or rubber-ceramic, metal-ceramic (welded coupling).

Snub pulleys

Snub pulley is intended for increasing the angle of wrap of the driving drum with the belt. It is permitted to apply snub pulley of tension, end or throw off type.

Tension drums

Tension drums are intended for creation of the necessary tension of the conveyor belt. They are installed on the moving frame (trolley) of the tensioner and serve for inclination of the belt for 180° and sometimes more. The diameters of the tension and tail drum are equal. Tension drums and snub pulleys are similar in construction design.