General description of the hydraulic mountings

Start-up and safety hydraulic mountings are intended for transmission of rolling torque from electric motor to the gear system in the drives of belt conveyors.

Hydraulic mounting limits the torque at start-up and slow-down of the machines, allows even distribution of load between separate drives, provides combined work of electric motors in multi-drive systems, provides smooth start-up of the conveyor with no-load and under load limiting belt acceleration and eliminating dangerous dynamic forces in the belt.

The hydraulic mounting protects the electric motor from overload in all modes.

Alexandrovsk Machine Building Plant produces the following types of hydraulic mountings: GPP500А (is used in the drives of the belt conveyor type 2LT1000А and its modifications) GPP2?500 m (are used in the drives of the belt conveyor type 1L120, 2L120V, 2LB120 m, 3L1000А and their modifications)

Start-up and safety hydraulic mounting GPP500А

This hydraulic mounting is used in the drives of the belt conveyor type 2LT1000А and its modifications.

Hydraulic mounting is designed for exploitation in macroclimatic districts with moderate climate and produced in the version U category 5 in accordance with GOST 15150–69, the lowest working value of the air temperature in exploitation must be above 1 degree, the highest must be 35 degrees.

Basic parameters and sizes Standard
1. Active diameter, mm 500
2. Nominal power, KW 125
3. Nominal input shaft rpm 1480
4. Nominal torque, Nwm (kgf-m) 1400
5. Relation of startup torque to nominal, max 1,3?1,5
6. Overload factor Mmax, max Mnom 2,5
7. Nominal slip, %, max 4
8. Steady working fluid temperature rise over ambient temperature at nominal load, °С, max 60
9. Thermal protection shield actuation temperature, °С 115±5
10. Working fluid Water-based emulsion (1.5… 2% additives VNIINP-117 TU38-101-522-75 or 3–5% of concentrate REM “Vitol” TU38.401-58-78-93)
11. Fluid amount, l 11.5–12.5