Mine conveyors, belt width 800 mm

Mine conveyors with belt width 800 mm are designed for transportation of lump and bulk materials with fineness not exceeding 300 mm, made-to-measure for open-cut extracting and processing enterprises, as well as in the underground workings of coal and shale mines of all categories, including gaseous and dusty mines, rectilinear in plan view.

Conveyor type, linear flight, power capacity and the number of drives, driving drum diameter and type of lining-up, possibility to transport people on the loaded run, as well as other specifications are determined subject to customer’s requirements.

Integration of the electric equipment, pulleys and other parts is also done with individual approach, with integration of domestic or imported parts and units possible.

Specifications of the conveyor types, as well as order form for calculation of the conveyor can be downloaded below.

Mine conveyors, belt width 800 mm(pdf, 106.4 Kb)

Mine conveyors order form(pdf, 74.5 Kb)